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Situated in the jungle of Rio de Janeiro, Rio144 is an intimate and relaxed pousada with only 8 Deluxe rooms and 1 Deluxe suite. All rooms have a spectacular view - facing the sun rising over the Sugar Loaf and the sea.

Deluxe Room & Suite

Rio144’ Spirit

❣️ to relax, a rooftop terrace with panoramic view of Rio de Janeiro's bay welcomes you with an infinity pool, deckchairs and a courtesy bar at your disposal

❣️ a complementary breakfast will be served on the top terrace facing Sugar Loaf, the sea & Corcovado

❣️ all our rooms are facing the same amazing view: the sunrise on Sugar Loaf with its mountains, the jungle and the sea

❣️ the eclectic decor, mixing African, Brazilian and European design and our little shop for last minut souvenirs

❣️ free high speed WiFi is available throughout the property and a Bluetooth music station in your room

❣️ Rio144 is only 25 minutes Uber drive from Copacabana and Ipanema

❣️ No time limits: pool is open night & day. Breakfast is served whenever you wake up

❣️ Our little son Florient loves to play UNO, soccer and Lego so if you are bored, play with him ;-)

❣️ Remember you are only here to relax, breathe, embrace and love

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Arrival calendar
Departure calendar
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